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Allman Brothers Band 4/9/71 Macon Coliseum. 📷W. Robert Johnson

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  1. Preface

  1. Introduction

  1. Chapter 1: Duane’s Musical Ethos

  1. Chapter 2: Living and Playing Music in the South

  1. Chapter 3: Allman Joys Take the Highway (1965-66)

  1. Chapter 4.1: Frustration in California (Part 1: California rock scene)

  1. Chapter 4.2: Frustration in California (Part 2: Hour Glass studio albums)

  1. Chapter 4.3: Frustration in California (Part 3: Hour Glass repertoire)

  1. Chapter 5: Duane Returns South for Good

  1. Chapter 6: Duane in Muscle Shoals

  1. Chapter 7: The Birth of the Allman Brothers Band

  1. Chapter 8: A Home in Macon

  1. Chapter 9: The Journey Begins

  1. Chapter 10: The ABB Builds its Live Reputation

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